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Volunteer workers aid the Pflugerville Animal Control (PAC) staff in the care, maintenance and adoption of the animals in the shelter. Qualifications for volunteers include: 

  • Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age (parent consent sheet must be signed if under 18) 
  • Attendance at a PAC Volunteer Class is mandatory
  • Training sessions are held throughout the year. Classes are normally scheduled on the second Saturday of the month. 

Before considering service as a volunteer worker at the Shelter, please consider the following: 

  • All volunteers work under the supervision of staff members. 
  • For many reasons including legal liabilities and safety concerns, we ask volunteers to cooperate with directions given by paid staff members.
  • The PAC Volunteer program can greatly enhance the level of care given to the animals during their stay; but more importantly, it affects the way many animals leave the shelter into loving, permanent homes.

We encourage PAC Volunteers to do what they want to do and try to avoid putting volunteers in areas in which they are not comfortable. Below is a list of common volunteer positions and their duties:

  • Dog Walker Only - walks dogs, may foster or assist at adoption events
  • Cat Helper - works with cats only including cleaning, socializing, adoptions, fosters and transportation
  • Dog Helperworks with dogs only including cleaning, socializing, adoptions, fosters and transportation
  • Adoption Volunteer - works at adoption events, meeting with the public, has limited contact with the animals
  • Shelter Volunteer - works with all the animals including cleaning, socializing, adoptions, fostering, and transportation
  • Other - this includes anyone with a special talent or skill like grooming animals, organizing fundraisers, or web design/marketing skills

We know you will feel the rewards of your service through the appreciation of the animals you will interact with and by witnessing the adoptions that occur because of your hard work and dedication. 

Become a volunteer today by filling out the PAC Volunteer Application.

Email application to 
 or fax to 512-990-8383.

For questions, call 512-990-PETS.

Become a Certified Animal Rescue Group

Pflugerville Animal Control and Shelter welcomes adoptions from Rescue groups. For the protection of the animal, there are criterion the groups must meet to become an approved rescue group as per standards set by the division. 

The first step in the process is to download an PAC Rescue Group Application. The criterion for becoming an approved group is found on this application. Any incomplete applications will be returned to the group for completion. 

Once the rescue group has been approved to rescue from the shelter, the rescue groups may submit an application to rescue an animal: 
PAC Rescue Group Animal Adoption Application. Applications will be approved based on the needs of the animal and are at the discretion of the PAC Division. 

Rescue groups have two options when rescuing an animal: 

  1. Paying the appropriate fees for spay or neuter, rabies and micro chipping/tattooing to the PAC and using the PAC designated veterinary clinic, or
  2. Choosing to sign a contract allowing the rescue group to use their own veterinary clinic and services to perform the spay or neuter, rabies vaccination and micro chipping/tattooing of the animal.

All animals going to rescue groups will receive vaccinations and testing prior to release.

Email your application to  or fax to 512-990-8383.

For questions, call 512-990-PETS.