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Charter Review Commission
The City of Pflugerville is a Home Rule City, which is a system adopted in many states of the United States by which a city is given the right to draft and amend its own charter and to regulate purely local matters without interference from the state legislature.

The Charter Review Commission is the entity appointed by the City Council to inquire into the operations of the city and review the city charter to determine whether it requires revision. Two years after the initial adoption of the City Charter and every five years after, the council appoints no fewer than thirteen, nor more than twenty citizens who meet the requirements of Section 8.02 of the Charter to serve in the capacity of Charter Review Commission Members.

The Charter Review Commission shall review the City Charter to determine whether it requires revision; propose any recommendations it deems desirable to ensure compliance with charter provision by city departments; propose charter amendments it deems desirable to improve the effective application of the charter to current conditions; make a written report of its findings and recommendations to the City Council.

The City Council shall receive and have published in the city's official newspaper the Charter Review's final report. It shall consider any recommendations and, if any amendments are presented, shall order the amendment(s) to be submitted to the voters of the city.

The Charter Review Commission members will serve a term of no less than six months or a longer term if extended by the City Council.

The City Charter of Pflugerville was updated and adopted by City Council in November 2011.

Charter Review Commission Agendas and Minutes

View the 2016 Charter Review Recommendations

View the 2016 Charter Review Recommendations Council Working Copy August 02, 2016

Charter Election Resolution Exhibit C - Measures
Each measure illustrates the actual change to the text of the City Charter that will occur if the corresponding Proposition (as shown on Exhibit D) is passed by a majority of the voters. Text shown as marked-through will be removed and text shown as underlined will be added, as shown for each measure.

Charter Election Resolution Exhibit D - Propositions
Each Measure shown on Exhibit C shall be placed on the ballot in the form of the corresponding Proposition number for each Measure, as shown.

Next step will be approval of Charter Review Recommendations to go to voters at August 9, 2016 meeting.