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Annual Awards Recognition
 2015 Officer of the Year
 To be presented to a sworn police officer for overall excellence in job performance throughout the year. 
Corporal Dan Griffith

This officer is always showing up early and working late to ensure the Department succeeds.  He shows up when expected and works until the task is complete. He is one of the oldest members of the entry team, but still going strong and has been counted on as a valuable asset and team leader due to his dedication.  Because of this, Corporal Dan Griffith was presented with this year's Officer of the Year Award.

  2015 PISD Officer of the Year
To be presented to a sworn School Resource Officer for overall excellence in job performance throughout the year.
 CDL_5888  C Helenberg.jpg  
School Resource Officer Crystal Helenburg

Since she started with the ISD PD this officer has displayed the characteristics in which we all strive to have. She has an exceptional work ethic, is always eager to learn, is compassionate with students and staff, and always willing to help other officers. She is well respected on her campus by both staff and students and this is why Officer Crystal Helenberg is this year’s Pflugerville ISD Officer of the Year. 

 2015 Civilian of the Year
 To be presented to a non-sworn personnel employee  for overall excellence in job performance throughout the year.
 CDL_5885 Brandon Bennight.jpg
IT Assistant Brandon Bennight

This employee always displays a positive and helpful attitude and is always eager to answer questions or lend a helping hand.  He will stop whatever he is doing to assist employees with MDC's, connection problems, computer issues, or problems in Dispatch.  

This employee has saved countless hours for the city and department by allowing employees to get back to work quickly and efficiently.  He is reliable, capable, and hard working.
 2015 Supervisor of the Year
To be presented to any Supervisor for their work within the department that has brought honor and recognition to the individual and the Department.
 CDL_5884 Ricky Kerr.jpg
Sergeant Ricky Kerr

This supervisor is constantly looking past our daily duties and striving to improve the Department.  From cleaning the supply closet out, to ensuring we have enough salt for winter preparations, to moving vehicles to fleet, he will do whatever it takes to make sure we are prepared.

Sergeant Ricky Kerr is the epitome of a Pflugerville officer and the best supervisor many of us will ever see.  It is because of his devotion that he has presented with the Supervisor of the Year award.

  2015 Rookie of the Year
To be presented to any new employee for their work within the department that has brought honor and recognition to the individual and the Department.
 CDL_5882  Lee Van Noy.jpg  
Officer Lee Van Noy

This officer began working for the Pflugerville Police Department in March of 2015.  It was evident, even during his field training, that he had a strong willingness to learn and a great attitude toward policing.  

He is well-liked and respected by all.  He doesn't complain about what he cannot control and he consistently looks for ways to improve.  He seeks out training on his own that is beneficial not only for him but for the entire department.  He has become a valued member of the department.
  2015 Andrew Hoskings Award
To be presented to a sworn or non-sworn employee for overall excellence in job performance throughout the year and whose performance of duties is clearly exceptional and outstanding.  This person must also meet a myriad of traits that exemplify the spirit of Officer Andrew Hoskings.
Officer Jermaine Williams

This officer’s nominations outlined how he always has a smile on his face regardless of the time of day, how he is an integral part of his shift, and how he goes out of his way to help others.  

This officer has been referred to as gentle in nature, but at the same time an outstanding and confident police officer.  He is a hard worker, self-motivated and always positive, regardless of the adversity he faces on the job.

 As it was put in one his nominations, his infectious smile, positive attitude and great sense of humor make him “one of the family”.  

 2015 Life Saving Bar
The Life Saving Bar is presented to an individual for saving human life.
 CDL_5877 B Woodard.jpg
Officer Brandon Woodard

On June 30th, 2015, officers responded to a report of a 23 year old mad who had an epileptic seizure and had stopped breathing.  Officer Woodard arrived on scene and began CPR compressions until a pulse was regained and the victim was transported. 
 CDL_5876 C Nance.jpg

Officers Wesley Welborn and Christopher Nance

In January of 2015, officers Wesley Welborn and Christopher Nance received a check welfare call and responded to find a two year old infant being neglected by his mother and father.  The child was outside in freezing temperatures without proper clothing or shoes.  Officers were quick to recognize the danger the child was in and warmed the child in their patrol unit.  When EMS personnel arrived on scene, they determined that the child's core temperature was 94.5 degrees.  

  2015 Police Commendation Bar
The Police Commendation Award is presented to individuals for outstanding performance of duties in cases where service has contributed to the success of a difficult project or job.
Officers Cody Irby, Brandon Woodard, & Jermaine Williams

On August 15th, 2015, these officers responded to a deadly conduct call regarding a male pointing a handgun at a victim.  The suspect had fled the scene and was determined to be a known suspect with the potential for being very dangerous.  One officer located the fleeing suspect and was able to conduct a high risk stop.  With the help of the other officers, they were able to take the suspect into custody.  

It would later be determined that not only did the suspect have a loaded 9mm pistol on him, but also a radio scrambler that had effectively blocked the handheld radios from transmitting.  

2015 Certificate of Merit
The Certificate of Merit is presented to an employee for their excellent performance of duty. It may be presented for outstanding and superior work on any assignment over a period of one year.
 CDL_5865 Meredith - Justice -.jpg
Dispatch Supervisor Kim Meredith and Senior Dispatchers Kelly Justice, Sarah Cawthon, & Kris Ellis

On September 3rd, 2015, our Department received a request to assist Travis County in regards to a robbery that had just occurred near our city.  Within 10 minutes of dispatching officers and relaying information, the CAD system became completely inoperable.  

These dispatchers were able to keep up with officers on all assigned channels and monitor TCSO.  Our department able to assist TCSO with their stop of the suspect vehicle and the call ended with all suspects in custody.

 CDL_5859 Brandon.jpg
Detective Jared Bruno

This officer, while assigned to a specialty division, has continued to be a wonderful resource for patrol.  He assists with search warrants, conducts surveillance, and interviews persons of interest.

While managing his own case load, he has become proficient in handling digital forensic evidence and acts as a source for motorcycle club intelligence.

His dedication to the team is outstanding.

Lee Hernandez

On September 4, 2015, a man came into the department lobby crying.  While a company had been performing utility work around his residence, his appliances had been damaged.

This employee took it upon herself to help him.  She was able to gather all the appropriate phone numbers for him and helped place calls on his behalf.

Detective Richard Thomas

When a vacancy in CID called for a replacement child abuse investigator, this officer stepped up and seamlessly transitioned into the role.

He maintains a full case load of these most difficult cases and yet is never heard complaining.

As a new detective, his ability to take over this role with little specialized training is to be commended.
 CDL_5862 S Glimp.jpg
Officer Steve Glimp

This officer continuously goes out of his way to assist with jobs not directly assigned to him.  He is a team player and wears many different hats in our department.

He continuously gives support to our Community Services Division and goes above and beyond daily for the whole police department.

 2015 ISD Certificate of Merit
To be presented to an employee for excellent performance of duty, outstanding contributions to law enforcement, or superior work on any assignment over a period of one year.
Student Resource Officers Robert Kauff & Brian Ercoline

On November 6th, 2015, it was determined that a burglary had occurred at Pflugerville High School and later noted that a "master" key was unaccounted for.  These officers began an extensive search of video surveillance and were finally able to locate the suspects on the video and eventually identify them.

After hours, the officers were contacted when one of the suspects had been spotted by administrators.  Later, a non-custodial interview netted a confession as as the recovery of the property; not only one key, but two were recovered.

The next day, a non-custodial interview of the second suspect yielded a second confession and the recovery of more stolen property.

2015 Meritorious Conduct Award
To be presented for exceptionally meritorious conduct and courage or an act of such nature as to bring honor and recognition to the individual and the Department.
 CDL_5878 M Condreay.jpg
Officer Matthew Condreay

On September 22, 2015, while off duty and driving home, this officer began to follow a reckless driver on Highway 183A.  While on the phone with 911, he observed the vehicle crash into another car and catch fire.

This officer was able to get the unconscious driver out of the vehicle and extinguish the fire. 


 Community Service Bar 2015
To be presented to any employee for their volunteer work within the community that has brought honor and recognition to the individual and the Department.
 CDL_5871 K Beyers.jpg  
Senior Dispatcher Kevin Byers

It is one thing to work at the Department, it is quite another to devote your time afters hours to a volunteer program that serves the same community.

This employee not only volunteers his time as a Citizen on Patrol, but strives to make the program better by reviewing the policies and practices to make the program more accountable and professional.

He volunteers to patrol, teach classes, and field train new graduates of the Citizen's Police Academy.
 CDL_5869 T Summers.jpg  
Corporal Tyler Summers

This officer repeatedly gives of himself to the community.  

He took it upon himself to collect and distribute Valentine's Day cards to children in hospitals.

Before school, he collected backpacks filled with supplies to donate to local schools for students in need.

He participated in Blue Santa without hesitation and helped purchase and assemble 11 bicycles for children ages 11-14.

He is the shining example of those who think of others first; he always puts his community first on and off the job.
Officers David Hailes, David Alkire, & Lee Van Noy

With Blue Santa in full swing, these officers, along with Officer Tyler Summers, took it upon themselves to collect money for the purchase of 11 bicycles after learning that the "11-14" age group was in need of donations.  

They came together off-duty, on their own time, and assembled all eleven bicycles.
 Chief's Special Recognition 2015
To be presented to any employee for their work within the department that has brought honor and recognition to the individual and the Department.
 CDL_5881 Chet Vronka.jpg
Sergeant Chet Vronka 

Starting in 2014, a need was identified for the PPD to have it’s own set of Mental Health officers. One man was assigned the task of starting this unit, ensuring proper training and compliance with the expectations of the Travis County Mental Health system.

In 2014, Pflugerville PD formed it’s first CIT unit with 4 officers.  We currently have 7 officers and have just been approved for 4 more, bringing our total of mental health officers to 11.  

This unit has saved many officers from having to handle these situations while at the same time ensuring that the Police Department is providing the best service we can to mental health consumers.  

For his role in setting up, training and managing this team of fine officers Sgt. Chet Vronka is awarded Chief’s Special Recognition Award.

 Police Medal of Valor 2015
To be presented to any employee for their work within the department that has brought honor and recognition to the individual and the Department.
 CDL_5879 A Vlasic - O Lopez.jpg
Sergeant Oscar Lopez & Officer Anthony Vlasic

On May 25th, 2015 with the Pflugerville area experiencing significant flooding, emergency personnel were stretched thin.

Officers were called in on their days off and those scheduled to work were called in early.

These two officers answered a call for assistance that took them to the intersection of Pflugerville Parkway and FM685.  Two citizens had driven into the the middle of it and became stranded and in danger of being swept away by the rising water.

These officers took swift action and grabbed a line of rope from their patrol unit.  One officer waded into waist high flood waters as the other anchored.  They fought rising water and dangerous lightning to rescue the motorists.