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2013 Award Recognition
2013 Officer of the Year & 2013 PISD Officer of the Year

Sr. Officer Mike Wilson
The 2013 Officer of the Year is an officer who, every year, demonstrates the true meaning of teamwork and dedication.

Sr. Officer Mike Wilson has put in many years with the Pflugerville Police Department. His dedication and commitment to the City is as vibrant today as it was when he first started. Although he works in a division that is very demanding of his time and resources, he is quick to help any officer and any division as needed. He has an uncanny ability to sense when help is needed and appears at times of need.

His current job assignment is one that historically generates a fair amount of complaints; however, this officer very rarely receives any negative feedback. In fact, he receives many accolades from City Hall, City Council and the citizens of Pflugerville.

In addition to helping patrol as needed, he has also assisted in Records when the need arises. He does all this with a smile on his face because he truly enjoys helping others.

Sr. Officer Terry Walker
Sr. Officer Terry Walker has worked hard to build a solid and honorable reputation across the school district and the department. Sr. Officer Walker's dedication to his students, staff and coworkers is visible in the execution of his duties every day.

Sr. Officer Walker is known for doing whatever it takes to make sure his campus is safe and successful.  He never hesitates to help those around him. He is always willing to support the staff and has even stepped into classrooms if there is a call and helped support the teachers.

Students seek Sr. Officer Walker out for advice and help in making the right choices. He has never turned down the opportunity to reward a student that has behaved in an appropriate manner. His dedication and willingness to help and serve others has increased the positive climate on his campus. He is an inspiration to others to work hard and help others.
2013 Supervisor of the Year
Sgt. Mike Silva
The 2013 Supervisor of the Year goes to an officer who demonstrates a great amount of integrity and willingness to stand up for what is right.

Sgt. Mike Silva does an excellent job leading his shift and developing each officer. He spends his time with each officer individually to discuss professional growth and achievable goals. He has earned the respect of his fellow officers by leading by example. Day-in and day-out he is on the streets with his shift working hard. It speaks volumes about a supervisor who is willing to do the same work that he expects out of his troops.

Because of his hard work and dedication, Sgt. Mike Silva has been previously nominated for this award.
 2013 Life Saving Bar
 The Life Saving Bar is presented to an individual for saving of a human life.

Coin.pngOfficers Anthony Vlasic and Robert Faust
On November 3rd at 2:05 am, officers responded to an assist EMS call on Broken Feather Trail. Dispatch advised that a male subject had collapsed and was unresponsive.

Officers Anthony Vlasic and Robert Faust were the first to arrive on scene. They found the subject's wife performing CPR. Officers Vlasic and Faust immediately took over CPR and connected the subject to an AED. A shock was administered and CPR was resumed. A short time later, Fire and EMS arrived and a pulse was regained. The subject was then transported to a local area hospital.

Officers Vlasic and Faust did not hesitate to take action, and as a result were able to successfully save the life of someone in need.
 Coin.pngOfficer Robert Faust
On August 2nd, officers responded to a call from Super Target in reference to a child left unattended in a vehicle. The child was reported to have been in the vehicle for at least 5 minutes. Outside temperatures at the time were 99 degrees. The infant was sweating profusely and appeared to be sleeping. Officer Robert Faust was first on scene and quickly located the vehicle. After making a brief assessment of the situation, he forced entry through the driver's side window. He removed the infant from the hot car and placed it in his air-conditioned patrol car until EMS arrived on scene.

Officer Faust's quick assessment and decisive action to force entry saved the infant's life and prevented any substantial harm from occurring.
 2013 Police Commendation Bar
The Police Commendation Award is presented to individuals for outstanding performance of duties in cases where service has contributed to the success of a difficult project or job.

TM and CW.pngDetectives Tricia Mirabelle and Caroline Williams
Detectives Tricia Mirabelle and Caroline Williams demonstrate an exemplary attitude and remarkable passion, and do so while investigating one of the most severe offenses against another human being; child abuse and sexual assault.

In 2013, these two detectives caught the brunt of the 463 allegations involving child abuse including physical, mental and sexual abuse. These two detectives have honed their skills through personal and professional growth. Their remarkable initiative in resolving these cases and in assisting officers from inside and outside the agency, has earned them the reputation as two of the most respected detectives in Travis and Williamson counties.

SM and CI.pngSgt. Scott Mckissack and Officer Cody Irby
On June 18th, at approximately 1:37pm, officers were dispatched to a report of a suspicious person located behind a building in the 1300 block of FM685. Officers quickly responded to the area and began searching for the suspect. One of the officers had been aggressively attacked by a dog and needed quick and immediate medical attention.

Sgt. Scott McKissack and Officer Cody Irby witnessed the attack, quickly assessed the injuries, and performed first aid as the wounded officer began losing blood and subsequently lost consciousness.
Lieutenant Daryl Wilkes, Corporal Jared Thyssen, Detectives Robert Wilson and Jared Bruno & Officers Luis Becerra and Allen Hotchkin
On August 30th, officers responded to the Regal Coin & Jewelry on W. Pecan St. in regard to a check welfare call. A 3rd party called and advised dispatch that the jeweler in the store sent them a message requesting them to call 911. Due to the nature of the call and the type of business, officers believed this to be a possible robbery in progress. Corporal Thyssen took command and initiative at the scene. He delegated responding units to establish a perimeter and initiate surveillance.

Officer Luis Becerra proceeded to the back of the strip center while Officer Hotchkin proceeded to the north side of W. Pecan in order to observe the front entrance of the store. Detectives Robert Wilson and Jared Bruno arrived on scene in plain clothes. They were able to relay information as to what they could see up close. Once it was determined to be safe to enter, Detectives Wilson and Bruno along with Lt. Daryl Wilkes made entry. Two suspects were taken into custody and arrested for possession of narcotics, attempted theft and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

Because of their outstanding performance of duties under hazardous, complicated conditions and their combined team effort, no one was injured and the criminals were apprehended without incident. 
 2013 Certificate of Merit
The Certificate of Merit is presented to an employee for their excellent performance of duty. It may be presented for outstanding and superior work on any assignment over a period of one year.
Sr. Officer Steve Glimp
Over the past two years, Sr. Officer Steve Glimp has performed his duties under unusual and complicated circumstances. He was assigned to organize, manage and operate the department's property room. This is no easy assignment and in the law enforcement profession it is widely known to be a ticking time bomb.

Sr. Officer Glimp was tasked with organizing a room of seized property, found property and police evidence; all of which had very little organization. The shelves and storage areas were almost full and were in desperate need of sorting. Sr. Officer Glimp demonstrated great discipline and focus through an extremely difficult task which could make even the most patient person aggravated. Furthermore, Sr. Officer Glimp set-up training, PowerPoints and officer cheat sheets in an effort to better educate and create a system of integrity. Due to his attention to detail and many hours spent alone in the property room, this once troubled area has been transformed into a smooth running division within our police department.
Officer Colin Sacksteder
In 2013, Officer Sacksteder played a large role in resurrecting the ISD Police Department K-9 program and also worked to increase procedural efficiencies across the department.

Officer Sacksteder took on the project to obtain a narcotics detection K-9 and although he possessed previous experience in working with a K-9, he had no previous knowledge on the process of locating and purchasing a K-9. However, he successfully located and obtain a K-9 which has proven to be a great asset to the department.

Furthermore, Officer Sacksteder has made the flow of paperwork more efficient and easier for supervisors and officers alike.

Officer Sacksteder has been a great asset with the Field Training Program by passing on his knowledge to new and existing FTO's. He has taken the time to help make sure FTO books were error free and that all areas of training had been completed. When a weakness is observed he is quick to help guide officers and show them a better route, or how to go about obtaining the answer.
Officer Ramon Garcia
On November 15th at approximately 1830 hours, Officer Ramon Garcia and his family were driving down FM973 towards Manor, TX. As he was driving, he noticed that traffic was coming to a stop and vehicles were pulling to the side of the road due to a collision that had just occurred. In the distance, he observed a man lying on the road while another man performed CPR. At this time there was no Law Enforcement or EMS presence.

Officer Garcia ran towards the incident to assist and began doing chest compressions. He continued the compressions for approximately 10 minutes until being relieved by a Travis County Deputy. Officer Garcia then retrieved a traffic vest from the deputy and began assisting with traffic control until he was relieved by another deputy.

Officer Garcia then rejoined his family and was able to keep them positive and calm despite what he had just seen. It was later reported by the news media that the motorcyclist was declared deceased.
 2013 Civilian of the Year
Corinne Cooke
The 2013 Civilian of the Year is being awarded to a person who has a daily mission to better the organization she serves. She does this unselfishly and with the entire department in mind.

Corinne Cooke not only tries to improve the processes within her immediate span of control, but also goes above and beyond to help make the jobs of others easier by making processes more efficient.

In addition to making improvements to existing jobs and processes, she has stepped up to take the lead on new projects such as social media, website maintenance, publication of alarm and solicitor permits for public access and many more.

She always has a smile on her face and is ready and willing to help all the divisions including Central Records, Administration, ISD Police Dept., Community Services, etc.