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Shelter Project
In September 2014, Pflugerville City Manager Brandon Wade began meeting with an Animal Shelter Technicalanimal Shelter Logo PAC paws Group to address short-term shelter needs in the existing Pflugerville Animal Shelter and to explore long-term shelter solutions.

Project Timeline:
Sep 3, 2014   Animal Shelter Technical Group met and a proposal to address the existing facility was created 
Oct 1, 2014   Contracted with Quorum Architects. City planning to expand kennel space at existing shelter. 
Oct 31, 2014 Request for Qualifications sent to find an architect/engineer to define and consider Pflugerville's Shelter needs. At the October 28, 2014 City Council Meeting, City Manager Brandon Wade provided a 
timeline and presentation update 
on the Pflugerville Animal Shelter. A future, expanded animal shelter to be located at Lake Pflugerville is still under consideration for a possible bond next November 2015. The short-term, immediate needs to the shelter are also being addressed to include additional dog kennel capacity. View the City Council Presentation online  
Nov 17, 2014 Statements of qualification were due. Five firms submitted applications. 
Dec 2014  Animal Shelter Technical Group met with City Manager to review short-term plans. Evaluations and interviews underway. 
Dec 9, 2014  City Council approved proceeding with the advertisement of bids for short-term, interim improvements at the existing shelter and to bring in an architectural consultant with a negotiated contract on the Jan 13, 2015 Council meeting. Council presentation.  Video item 9A.   Press release.
Jan 13, 2015 City Council selection and contract negotiation completed. Item 9B selected Quorum Architects for the Needs Assessment and Conceptual Plan for a new animal shelter. Consent Agenda (video).

The project has been authorized to proceed and the effort will be coordinated with the bond committee pending appointment by the City Council and will be fully complete within 5 months.
Mar 10, 2015 City Council approved Ord-0237, a budget amendment to formally allocate the funds for the necessary improvements to the Animal Shelter, up to $400,000. The City Council authorized these proposed short-term improvements at the December 9, 2014 meeting, so this is the authorization of use of the funds, thus a change in the 2015-2016 budget. (Consent Agenda, video)
Mar 25, 2015 The bid went out March 25 for the Animal Shelter with a submittal deadline of April 10.

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For more information regarding the proposed Animal Shelter Project Expansion, please contact:   Trey Fletcher, ACM