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Annual Awards Recognition
 2014 Officer of the Year
 To be presented to a sworn police officer for overall excellence in job performance throughout the year. 
 Kurk Anderson.jpg Corporal Kurk Anderson
This year's award winner has performed his duties in an exceptional and outstanding manner while consistently setting a good example for others to follow.  This officer has also previously received nominations for Officer of the Year.  Here are a few reasons why this officer is so deserving of this award:

  • He has the ability to turn basic contacts into calls of significance by investigating scenes thoroughly. 
  • He consistently exceeds performance expectations.
  • His calm and reserved demeanor allows him to handle stressful situations with ease.
  • His positive attitude makes him approachable for officers and citizens.
  • He is respected and admired by his peers and supervisors.
  • He is constantly using his computer knowledge to make PD forms more user-friendly.
  • He is a teamplayer at work and during his off-time, routinely helping coworkers and citizens who need his assistance.

 2014 PISD Officer of the Year
 To be presented to a sworn police officer for overall excellence in job performance throughout the year.
 PfPD Awards-48.jpg
Officer Jeff Schaefer
This year’s PISD Officer of the year has a lot of qualities that qualifies him for this award.  In fact, this officer received 16 nominations for Officer of the Year.  I will list some of what was written on these nominations:

  • Truly exemplifies what this department stands for; on a daily basis he goes out of his way to assist officers, citizens, students, and staff
  • Furthers relationships with staff and treats students with respect.
  • Routinely makes time to speak to groups of students about various topics
  • Kind, compassionate, and caring with students of all ages
  • Treats staff requests with high priority and makes staff feel important
  • Makes it a point to get to know staff and students
  • Provides assistance in the parking lot with student drop-offs
  • Helps tutor students with their math homework
  • Has successfully taken on additional responsibilities with departmental training while balancing the needs of being a K-9 officer and performing K-9 demonstrations and attending events.

 2014 Supervisor of the Year
 Lopez.jpg Sgt. Oscar Lopez 
Sgt. Lopez goes above and beyond on a daily basis to support all officers of this department, regardless of shift, division, assignment or rank.

He is  professional in his approach to his duties.  He wears many hats in the department, among them Taser Instructor, Dynamic Entry Team member, LSET team coordinator for Pflugerville PD, and supervisor. 

He spends a great deal of his own time making sure that his officers have the tools and training they need to be successful.  When his shift is off, he can be routinely found attending LSET meetings, participating in raids, or following up on something for an officer.

He is knowledgeable in many facets of police work and he holds those around him to a high ethical and moral standard.  This Sergeant’s work ethic and devotion to the department provide for countless hours of selfless labor which helps the department smoothly operate at a professional level.

 2014 Life Saving Bar
The Life Saving Bar is presented to an individual for saving human life.
 Coin.png Officer Anthony Vlasic
On August 16, 2014 at 6:45 p.m. dispatch received a 911 call from a caller at the First Baptist Church because a 75 year-old man was slumped over in a chair, was non-responsive, turning white and not breathing.             

This officer arrived and began CPR until medics arrived. This officer maintained chest compressions until EMS took over. The man regained pulse and was transported to the hospital.

 Neff Vronka.jpg Sgt. Chet Vronka & Officer Mark Neff
On January 20, 2014 at 4:49 a.m., officers responded to a 911 call of a 71 year-old man who was not breathing and had no pulse.  Upon arriving on scene, Officer Mark Neff and Sgt. Chet Vronka immediately began CPR.  Officers continued CPR until relieved by Fire and EMS.

Because of their quick response and performance of CPR, the subject regained pulse and was transported to the hospital.

 Cawthon.jpg Corporal Aaron Cawthon
On February 23, just after midnight, patrol officers responded to an assist EMS call on FM 685 that pgraded to a collision because the subject’s car had left the roadway and possibly struck a tree.  The 911 caller advised that the driver, a 39 year-old man, was unconscious and not breathing.  The caller performed CPR until police arrived on scene.  Upon arrival, Corporal Aaron Cawthon took over CPR until being relieved by EMS personnel.

The subject regained pulse and was transported to the hospital.  It was later determined that the driver suffered a heart-attack while driving.

  2014 Police Commendation Bar
The Police Commendation Award is presented to individuals for outstanding performance of duties in cases where service has contributed to the success of a difficult project or job.
 Coin.png Corporal Kevin Reiff
This officer has received several letters of praise from the public that he serves.  While it is not abnormal for an officer to receive praise from a citizen, it is less common for a citizen to write a letter of appreciation, or pick up the phone and express their sincere thanks for the officer’s job and for the department as a whole.

This officer has consistently gone above and beyond to make the public feel better served and valued.  In one specific instance, a man had run out of gas and was blocking a lane of traffic and to make matters worse he had also locked his keys in the car.  This officer unlocked the man’s car, calmed the man down, and protected his car from being a hazard while gas was brought to him.  The man was extremely grateful for how this officer graciously and calmly handled the situation.

In another example, a couple’s dog had been injured by a neighbor’s dog.  This officer was kind and compassionate and very professional.  This officer not only helped the man’s wife retrieve their dog, but also assisted getting the dog to the vet.  The couple later learned that this officer returned to the vet on his own to check and see how the dog was doing.  

This officer continues to go above and beyond for the citizens of Pflugerville, and it shows.

 Coin.png Kevin Byers & Chris Riggs
On February 26, dispatch was given information from Round Rock PD in reference to a series of smash-and-grab vehicle burglaries occurring at day care centers.  Due to the close proximity to Pflugerville, they wanted us to be aware.  Round Rock PD believed that the thieves were watching people walk into a daycare facility to drop their kids off and would take that opportunity to smash the car window and grab anything in sight.                    

Dispatch quickly issued a be on the lookout (BOLO) to the officers.  Shortly after the BOLO was issued dispatch received a call from a daycare center that a smash-and-grab had just occurred in their parking lot.

Dispatchers Kevin Byers and Chris Riggs took it upon themselves to call every daycare center and school in our jurisdiction to advise them of the situation so that they could increase their surveillance of their parking lots.

Kevin and Chris were both instrumental in contacting the targeted businesses to help reduce future occurrences.

 PfPD Awards-21.jpg
Kim Meredith, Kevin Byers, Kelly Justice, Sgt. Oscar Lopez, Belinda Polasek, Stacy Boeck, & Jamie Machu
On December 16, 2013 at 2 p.m. all 911 communications at CTECC were lost which means all emergency traffic for APD, Travis County Sheriff’s Office, Austin Fire Department, and Austin EMS were down.

With no warning, Pflugerville PD began receiving all 911 AND administrative calls for citizens trying to reach Travis County Sherriff's Office (TCSO) due to the way their calls are routed.  PPD was given no instructions as to where to forward the phone calls.

Dispatch attempted to reach TCSO through their radio channels, but were unsuccessful.  Sgt. Lopez was able to locate a channel that worked allowing for dispatch to patch channels and relay calls to TCSO dispatchers.

Different radio channels were used to communicate with all affected agencies.  For 5 ½ hours the PPD dispatch team successfully handled all of PPD’s normal traffic while also answering and dispatching for all of Austin and Travis County. 

The dispatchers acted quickly to troubleshoot the situation by patching many radio channels and successfully managing a situation they had never been trained to handle.  Personnel stayed past their shifts, and others came in to help.

Detective Tricia Mirabelle
Detective Mirabelle has demonstrated a passion and mastery of successfully working child abuse and other juvenile related crimes.  She has established clear lines of communication with all of the surrounding law enforcement agencies, the DA’s office, and State agencies.  Her skills are known well beyond the doors of Pflugerville PD, as she is often sought out to assist other agencies with forensic interviews, suspect interviews, and the gathering of evidence.

This detective’s dedication to her juvenile victims is unselfish and unyielding.  She puts her heart and soul into her job, and she does it with a positive attitude, an infectious smile, and remarkable compassion.  Her track record of successful prosecutions makes her a true advocate for victimized children.  This detective’s work ethic and dedication to duty set a shining example for other employees.


2014 Certificate of Merit
The Certificate of Merit is presented to an employee for their excellent performance of duty. It may be presented for outstanding and superior work on any assignment over a period of one year.
 PfPD Awards-13.jpg Jacqueline Garcia
This A.C.O. has changed her schedule on numerous occasions to help fill coverage gaps, many times for weeks at a time.  This A.C.O. demonstrates exemplary interaction with the public by providing detailed suggestions for solving animal issues.  She is compassionate and patient with the public, taking the time to listen and make them feel that their concern is important and not just another call.  She is bold and determined in her pursuit of capturing even the most difficult of animals.

As a supervisor she leads by example and provides staff with sound advice and solid, concise direction.  She is a resource to her staff, her peers, officers, and supervisors.  This A.C.O. is an excellent representative of the Animal Control division, the Pflugerville Police Dept. and the City of Pflugerville.

 Coin.png Corporal Rich Thomas, Officer Zoila Perez, & Officer Anthony Vlasic
The next certificate of merit is being issued to a group of officers who accepted the responsibility to become Pflugerville PD’s first official CIT officers.

These three officers attended additional training to better prepare themselves to handle a multitude of Mental Health related calls.  These officers have embraced their additional duties and have even helped other officers expand their knowledge and abilities when dealing with persons in crisis.  These officers have demonstrated a great deal of patience and understanding when dealing with people in crisis. 

These officers invest the time needed to ensure the most appropriate treatment is pursued for their patients.  Our newly created CIT team can now resolve mental health related calls much quicker and rely less on the Travis County CIT team.  Their services are always in demand as they selflessly perform a service many officers would rather not deal with.

 2014 ISD Certificate of Merit
To be presented to an employee for excellent performance of duty, outstanding contributions to law enforcement, or superior work on any assignment over a period of one year.
 Greagrey (2).jpg Officer Jules Greagrey
This certificate of Merit is being awarded to an officer who has shown outstanding commitment and dedication to all aspects of his work.  His professionalism and dedication to duty allow for successful execution of even the most challenging of situations. 

This officer has completed, and successfully executed, a majority of the incident action plans for CHS Varsity football games, including an incident requiring the immediate evacuation of the stadium due to weather.

In addition to performing his normal S.R.O. duties, this officer took it upon himself to become C.I.T. Certified and becoming an even larger asset to the department.  His extraordinary actions, selfless devotion to duty, and technical competence not only bring great credit to him as an officer, but also reflect the values and traditions of the police department and Pflugerville I.S.D.

 Gutierrez.jpg  Officer Paul Gutierrez
This certificate of Merit is being awarded to an officer who continually produces outstanding and superior work on and off of his campus.  In addition to fulfilling his responsibilities on his campus, this officer executes a high level of traffic stops, responds to residential alarms in the neighborhood surrounding his campus, completes a higher than average number of premises checks, and has assisted in multiple foot pursuits originating from locations other than his own campus.

His co-workers and supervisors admire his hard work and tenacity when it comes to his job.  Odds are good that if a call comes out he will be on his way to assist before ever being requested.  The passion this officer has for his job is evident to everyone who has worked with him.

2014 Meritorious Conduct Award
To be presented for exceptionally meritorious conduct and courage or an act of such nature as to bring honor and recognition to the individual and the Department.
 Coin.png Belinda Polasek
On January 23, 2014 at 3:07 a.m. dispatch received a 911 hang-up call. The dispatcher called the number back and spoke to a distraught female who advised that she just had a verbal argument with her boyfriend, and as a result she was leaving the residence and stated she did not want police assistance. The dispatcher remained on the phone until she felt that the caller had calmed down enough to safely disconnect the call.

The dispatcher had an uneasy feeling about the caller’s situation and after several minutes, phoned the caller again to verify. Later, the female called back to dispatch for assistance. Because of Belinda's ongoing conversation with the caller, she was able to get officers to caller’s location quickly. The dispatcher’s intuition, compassion, and professionalism made the female caller feel comfortable enough to call back and ask for help.  This dispatcher’s commendable work may have saved the caller’s life.  The female called back at a later time to thank the dispatcher for her help and compassion.

2014 Civilian of the Year
To be presented to non-sworn personnel who have demonstrated overall excellence in their duties throughout the year.
 PfPD Awards-33.jpg Karon Newby-Cooley
The 2014 Civilian of the Year goes to an employee who not only works with officers and civilian staff, but with the public as well.  As such, this employee often has to endure demanding calls, but does so politely and with the utmost professionalism.

In addition to managing a never-ending work load, this employee takes the time to assist officers with a variety of questions throughout the day.  She continuously offers valuable suggestions for improving policies and procedures within the PD.

This employee’s upbeat and fun personality makes her a joy to work with.  She can hold a conversation with anyone and her communication with customers helps diffuse even the most upset of citizens.  She is mindful of people’s feelings and goes out of her way to make them feel valued and appreciated.

 Andrew Hoskings Award 2014
To be presented to a sworn or non-sworn employee for overall excellence in job performance throughout the year and whose performance of duties is clearly exceptional and outstanding.  This person must also meet a myriad of traits that exemplify the spirit of Officer Andrew Hoskings.
 PfPD Awards-40.jpg Officer Nathan Arnhamn
The officer receiving this award is highly regarded in the department as a team player.  He takes his role of being a public servant to heart and he represents our city and department with professionalism and pride.  This officer is friendly and approachable yet firm and assertive when needed.  This officer’s personality is always positive, upbeat and contagious. 

His work ethic is beyond reproach and his work rarely needs revision.  As a very respectful officer, he greets everyone with a smile and addresses others as “sir” or “ma’am”.  This officer never complains about having to stay late due to call volume, nor does he complain about being called in to work if needed.  This officer continuously expresses compassion and empathy to crime victims and their families.  His demeanor creates an environment where even the most difficult of people feel comfortable talking to him.

This officer is family man and is always willing to help out his friends and co-workers.  He spreads joy and laughter to those around him every day.  This officer previously served his country as a member of the military.

 Community Service Bar 2014
To be presented to any employee for their volunteer work within the community that has brought honor and recognition to the individual and the Department.
Coin.png Officer Tyler Summers
The recipient of this award continues to go out of his way to help others, even those who are not citizens of Pflugerville.  His unselfish efforts are evident in the work he undertakes to organize the collection of Valentine’s Cards, Holiday Greetings, and toy drives for Dell Children’s Hospital. 

In addition, he is very active in coordinating toy and food drives for Blue Santa and other non-profit fund raising events.  His unselfish services have also been noted while he worked the Pflugerville Triathlon.  He was stationed towards the last leg of the bicycle course and one cyclist wrote in to say that this officer was holding up a banner that he had made which read “GREAT JOB, KEEP GOING.” She sent in a picture and remarked at how much that meant to all of the riders.

Lastly, this officer has been recognized two years in a row by Mothers Against Drunk Driving for his work combating DWI drivers.

ISD Community Service Bar 2014
To be presented to any employee for their volunteer work within the community that has brought honor and recognition to the individual and the Department.
Edwards Walker Berry.jpg
SRO Terry Walker
The recipient of this award continues to go out of his way to help the students and staff at the school where he is assigned.

This officer routinely gives his own time selflessly to help his students.  He volunteers his time working in a mentoring program designed to help students in need.  He mentors multiple students on a weekly basis and coordinates team building exercises for the students.  Additionally, he volunteers his time to help coach basketball after school and on his own time.

This officer’s actions as a role model fosters positive behavior and provides leadership for students who might otherwise go without.  His passion for helping students brings many accolades to him and this department.