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Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
CVE wreck.pngCommercial Vehicle Enforcement allows trained city staff to inspect commercial vehicles traveling through Pflugerville. This benefits our citizens that travel our city streets and roadways, as inspection of commercial vehicles helps keep unsafe vehicles off the roads.

The City of Pflugerville has large amounts of commercial truck traffic traveling through the area daily. Having trained officers available to recognize safety issues on commercial vehicles provides the ability to remove unsafe trucks from the roads.  This increases the safety of Pflugerville's roadways.

In October 2011, Corporal Stephen Lozano was trained by the Texas Department of Public Safety and certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in North America Roadside Inspection, Hazardous Materials Inspection, and Cargo Tank Inspection. All training was provided free by the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Motor Carrier Bureau. Pflugerville has an outstanding working relationship with the Texas Department of Public Safety Commercial Vehicle Enforcement unit and has participated in numerous special operations with them.

In the first six months of operation, Corporal Lozano conducted 313 Commercial Vehicle Inspections and from those filed 158 criminal charges and 946 Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Violations with the Motor Carrier Bureau.  This placed 80 trucks out of service; approximately 25% or one in every four trucks. 

The objective of the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division is to:

- Reduce commercial motor vehicle accidents through the enforcement of Motor Carrier Safety Regulations

- Protect the city’s roadway system from unnecessary damage by ensuring compliance with state/federal/local
  laws regulating weight of commercial vehicles

- Ensure equitable payment of commercial vehicle registration fees by enforcement of registration laws

- Protect the rights, privileges, and protect the safety of the general public in the use of the public highway system
  by securing compliance with state traffic laws and federal regulations applicable to the operation of all vehicles.

The basic responsibility of the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division is to weigh and check commercial vehicle traffic operating over the public highways of Pflugerville and it’s jurisdictional counties so compliance with the statutory provisions of state law regulating weight, motor carrier safety, registration, transportation of persons, hazardous material and other property can be obtained. The CVE Division has joint responsibility with the Texas Department of Public Safety and Travis County Sheriff’s Office, and primarily enforces in the municipality of Pflugerville or the Travis/Williamson County area.

Enforcement of Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
Enforcement of Weight and Size Laws  
Enforcement of Hazardous Material Regulations
Enforcement of Registration Laws Applicable to Commercial Vehicles 
Enforcement of All Traffic Laws 
Enforcement of Criminal Law 
Enforcement of Local Laws