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Central Business District (CBD)
Identified as the area bound in red, properties within the CBD contain a mix of uses ranging from single-family residential homes, restaurants, government and professional offices, retail establishments, and other non-residential uses. The properties have a base zoning district, however unlike other parts of the city, the CBD provides additional requirements to ensure they maintain a specific character.

Following a public hearing in May 2013, representatives from the Old Town Neighborhood Association, the Downtown Business Association, the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Staff have met to discuss options for possible boundary adjustments. As a result, the boundary is proposed to be renamed and possibly expanded to include a residential, commercial, and a transitional area. A preliminary description of the district and sub-areas is provided below.

 Map of proposed modifications

 Conceptual Downtown District
Possible Downtown District            

The areas identified with yellow hatching would be limited to residential uses and subject to special design requirements to ensure residential design elements found throughout the neighborhood are generally maintained. If included, further discussion and analysis will be needed to the design requirements and potential sub residential areas may be appropriate to address different concerns and architecture.


Identified with red hatching, the commercial area would continue to operate as it does today. An evaluation of current design requirements can be expected following the boundary discussion in order to provide updates and clarification as needed.

Reflected as pale blue hatching along the north side of Hall Street, the transitional area could allow for single family or a professional office use. No other non-residential would be permitted. Additional items discussed with the committee for the transitional zone include:
  • All properties in the transitional zone would have to maintain a residential architectural appearance,
  • Any professional office in the transitional zone would be required to take vehicle access from a numbered street or alley only,
  • Parking for a professional office would only be permitted in the rear of the lot with an entrance to the structure from the alley,
  • Any parking visible from Hall Street would be required to be screened (i.e. if a corner lot)
Why is the boundary being discussed at all? Why now?
The boundary does not have to change, however in the more recent past the boundary has been a contentious issue. Staff proposes to address it at this time since there are no immediate development applications within this area. This may allow staff, the community, the Commission and the Council a clearer understanding of what the community would like to see without specific development pressure.
What if my property is added to the boundary?
If your property becomes part of the downtown boundary, your property will become subject to future regulations per zone, for any new or redevelopment. No new modifications will be required, but the rules will become applicable in the future if there are changes proposed.

Where can I find copies of the reports and presentations?
 Meeting Dates Topics/Reports Agenda Presentation
 02-24-2009  Old Town Vision Report  --  --
 04-01-2013  Worksession:  Old Town 4-1-2013 Old Town Boundary
05-06-2013 Old Town Public Hearing 05-06-2013
For questions or to provide your feedback on the possible boundary modification, please feel free to contact the Planning Department at 512- 990-6300 or via email.