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Recycle Curbside

Curbside recycling is picked up every other week. Recycle carts should be out by the curb by 7 a.m. Please place your recycle cart and trash cart 5 ft. apart to help the recycling truck.

Refer to the sticker on top of your recycling cart to remind you what items are recyclable. In addition to the sticker, refer to the list below to clarify your recyclable items.

PVille Recycle Decal.jpg

YES - Recycle
Put in Blue Recycle Cart
Put in Green Cart
recycle-pics_web1.gifNewspaper, office paper, junk mail, cereal & soft drink boxes, magazines, catalogs, holiday & greeting cards, phone books, paper bags, file folders or corrugated cardboard. Wrapping paper is accepted as long as it is NOT foil backed.
no-paper recycle.gifWet or soiled paper, paper towels, toilet paper or pizza boxes and wrapping paper with foil backing are not recyclable. "Goldfish" bags with foil lining are not recyclable.
recycleplasticweb4.gifRigid plastic labeled #1 through #7. Plastic drink bottles, milk jugs, shampoo bottles, detergent & bleach bottles, margarine/yogurt tubs, lids of plastic bottles, empty medicine bottles.
(no need to remove caps/ lids)
no-recycle plastic.gifPlastic bags & packaging, toys, styrofoam or motor oil bottles, Tetra Paks, plastic children's toys, meat trays, garden hoses. Sheet plastics may have a recycling logo on them but are not recyclable curbside. No drycleaner plastic clothing bags.

Please recycle plastic grocery bags at local grocery stores
cans aluminum.gif(Drain cans completely) Aluminum cans, tin & steel cans, empty aerosol cans, metal lids from glass jars. Pet food cans (rinsed)
no-recyclehangars.gifAluminum foil, coat hangers. 
Paint/solvent containers and other hazardous materials are not accepted curbside.
Scrap metal is not accepted curbside but is recyclable at the Recycle Center.
bottlereycle.gifAll clear, green and amber glass accepted.
brokenglass.gif Broken glass, light bulbs, mirrors, dishes & cups or ornaments.
Additional NO's: No stable matter, construction debris or hazardous waste.

Additional recyclables at Pflugerville Recycling Center
The Pflugerville Recycling Center accepts scrap metal; vehicle batteries; appliances/refrigerators/air conditioners (limit of 3 each per household), motor oil, tires (Limit of 4 per household), tree limbs/brush. cardboard (corrugated only); paper; glass.

Try to precycle, a method at which to avoid needing to recycle by reducing the amount of recycling product. If you have any questions or concerns please call the city at 512-990-6100