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1. Where do I report suspicious activities or give information on existing cases?
2. What are the guidelines regarding alarm and security system permits?
3. Who is the Police Chief?
4. Where do I pay my traffic ticket?
5. Are fireworks allowed in the City of Pflugerville?
6. Where do I report a traffic signal outage?
7. Where do I sign up for the Pflugerville Animal Welfare Services (PAWs) Volunteer class?
8. Where do I report stray or lost pets?
9. Who do I contact if my identity has been stolen?
10. How do I commend an officer?
11. How do I file a complaint?
12. Who do I talk to about a warrant out for my arrest?
13. How do I pay my court fees online?
14. How do I find out what day my court date is?
15. A family member was picked up today, how do I find out if they are in your jail?
16. My car was towed where can I find it?
17. How do I go about obtaining a copy of a report?
18. I need to make a report, who do I talk to?
19. How does the investigative process work?
20. Which detective is working my case and what is the status?
21. Has my property been found?
22. Where do I pick up my property?
23. Who enforces protective orders?
24. How can I get a protective order?
25. Who do I talk to about evictions?
26. Does the City of Pflugerville require Solicitor/Peddler Permits?
27. When is a particular officer on duty so I can serve a subpoena?