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1. Where can I find the zoning designation of my property?
2. What can I do to let the Commission know I am either opposed or supportive of a proposed zoning?
3. How do I find out what uses are allowed in each zoning category?
4. What is the city's fee for a rezoning application?
5. What is the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ)?
6. Is my property in the city limits or the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ)?
7. What is my property zoned if I live in the ETJ?
8. If my property is newly annexed what is the zoning?
9. What is the subdivision process and how long does it take?
10. What is the city's fee for the Subdivision process?
11. Who assigns a street address?
12. What is the definition of a legal lot and tract?
13. When does Planning and Zoning Commission meet?
14. Is this address in the city limits?
15. Where can I find information regarding Capital Improvement Projects for the city (CIP)?