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Lori Paul
Public Information Officer


Press Release

Residential parking ordinance amended and passed


OCTOBER 30, 2008 – Pflugerville, TX – After months of deliberation and committee meetings, the Pflugerville City Council has passed the ordinance amending Chapter 71 of the City of Pflugerville’s Code of Ordinances regarding parking regulations. 


This item was first brought before the Council in May of 2007.  The City Council had determined that parking of certain vehicles and trailers in residential areas may be harmful to the environment and health and safety of the public, and they felt that there was a need to regulate the types of vehicles, parking surfaces and location of parking areas in certain residential areas.  Citizens of Pflugerville who were impacted by the ordinance vocalized their concerns at several City Council meetings, leading the Council to table the ordinance on second reading and form a Parking Committee to work towards finding a middle ground.  The Committee was made up of two Council members and six citizens who volunteered to participate in the discussion.


Under the amended ordinance, it is unlawful for citizens to park, or caused to be placed, stored or parked on any street, alley or sidewalk within the City:


(A1) Any vehicle with a gross vehicular weight in excess of 9,500 pounds, as determined by the motor vehicle registration records of the State of Texas;

(A2) Any vehicle that exceeds 24 linear feet in length;

(A3) Any trailer, semi-trailer, boat trailer, trailer house, or other non-motorized device or equipment designed or intended to be towed upon the public streets by means of attachment to a motor vehicle or other self-propelled vehicle or equipment; or

(A4) Any self-propelled motor home or other motor vehicle containing permanently installed sleeping facilities or human sanitary treatment or disposal facilities or both.

The ordinance shall not apply to:

(B1) Vehicles actively engaged in service or delivery functions for the period of time actually engaged in service or delivery activity;

(B2) Publicly owned or franchised emergency vehicles required by municipal, state or publicly franchised utility departments to be taken home by its on-call employees charged with making emergency utility repairs;

(B3) Major recreational equipment, as defined in the zoning ordinances of the city, which is:

(B4) Any trailer, as defined in A3 above, being loaded, unloaded, or otherwise prepared for use or storage during a period of time which does not exceed 24 hours;

(B5) Any motor vehicle or trailer being used for human occupancy for a period of time which does not exceed 24 hours; provided, however, that the Chief of Police or his designee, shall be authorized to grant extensions to such 24-hour limitation, not to exceed five days in any 30-day period, upon a finding of good cause shown;

(B6) Trailers or other similar vehicles which are being held or used for the purpose of participating in any city-sponsored parade, festival or related activity during the period of time commencing 48 hours prior to such activity, and ending 24 hours after such activity; or

(B7) A trailer having load weight carrying capacity of 3,000 pounds or less during the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.


The ordinance also makes it unlawful:


(C1) For citizens to park any motor vehicle, regardless of size or gross vehicle weight, at any time in the side yard setback, front yard, or in any area between the property line of their lot and the curb line or edge of the adjacent street within any residential districts.  Motor vehicles can only be parked on the front yard if all wheels are on a permanently maintained parking area constructed of concrete, brick or asphalt that extends from the curb, street or alley in a contiguous course.  This specific requirement of the ordinance does not apply to those lots or parcels used for solely single family residential purposes that are located in the Old Town Neighborhood.


(C2) To park any motor vehicle or trailer without having valid and current state registration and state inspection certificates attached in a manner prescribed by law.


(C3) For any motor vehicle or trailer to block a sidewalk or public right of way.


(C4) To park any trailer or recreational vehicle without securing the same by use of a parking brake or by chocking the tires with a device manufactured for that purpose.


(C5) To collect trash, rubbish, tree limbs, building materials, or other debris material of any kind including but not limited to, appliances, upholstered and indoor furniture, automotive parts, metal, glass, paper, plastic, wood, brick, sand or rock on or in any parked trailer or motor vehicle, for more than twenty four (24) hours, if such items are visible from the public right of way or adjacent property.


Citizens who violate this ordinance will be charged with a Class C Misdemeanor, and upon conviction can be fined up to $500.00. 


The ordinance was passed and approved at the October 28th City Council meeting and will go into effect on November 1, 2008. 


Any questions regarding enforcement of this ordinance can be directed to the City of Pflugerville Code Enforcement Department at 512-251-4004.  The full ordinance can be viewed on the City website under News and Announcements:

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